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School Games Regional Award Winner!
School Games Regional Award Winner!

The Arches School Sport Partnership are very proud to have our very own Adam Fuller named as a regional winner for developing club sport for the last academic year. This includes developing sports clubs through schools in terms of providing coaches and support for coaching, as well as encouraging staff to run their own clubs. It also includes providing support to schools to engage the least active children and young people in PE and club sport and to maximise these opportunities.

In the first half term we received notification from Sport England and Youth Sport Trust that the Arches SSP School Games Area had won this award of which we are extremely proud. There has been a large amount of work that has taken place within Sheffield to try and maximise opportunities for children and young people in a variety of different sports and activities, and it is great that other areas and governing bodies are able to recognise this work.

The award follows the announcement in July that the Arches SSP was ranked in the top 10% of School Games areas across the country for our commitment to, and development of, competition and the School Games during the summer term 2016.


The accolade is a fitting reward for the tremendous dedication and hard work of our School Games Organiser, Adam Fuller, and team of School Sport Coordinators and coaches. These include; Andrew Noble, Ryan Foster, Rosie Eccles, Alex Weston, Faye Hitchen, Conor Merone and Thomas Bartup as well as many more. Thanks must however also go to the all Sheffield schools for this award as they are exceptionally keen to develop sporting opportunities inside and outside of their four walls and without their commitment to implement ideas and activities. the work undertaken would not get past an initial planning phase.

In addition to this the sports clubs of the city themselves, national governing bodies, SIV, Sheffield City Council and the Yorkshire Sport Foundation should all be thanked for their dedication to improving opportunities for children and young people across Sheffield.

Let us keep this work going and become the most active city in the country!