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53 Teams at Arches Primary Football Events!
53 Teams at Arches Primary Football Events!

Our Primary 5 a side football Festivals have this year had a record number of school entries, so much so that we had to split the boys and girls in to separate events completely. 

The 5th October saw 33 boys teams competing with 264 participants on the day. Supporting us with refereeing were Y11 boys from Hinde House secondary School who did a fantastic job on the day and managed to get through over 30 games on each pitch before we could name our winning school. Malin Bridge Primary School came out on top in the boys event finishing 1st and 3rd overall with their two teams.

All schools are supported to provide information to their pupils regarding where they can get involved in football locally. If you would like more information please visit the Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA website on http://www.sheffieldfa.com/play 

Thursday 20th of October then saw 20 girls teams taking part in an event where schools were able to play against at least 10 other schools. 160 girls put on a fantastic showcase of football with vast improvements being made throughout the day and the standard of football being brilliant. 21 female sports leaders from Parkwood Academy were able to support to event refereeing and providing some coached activities. There were amazing role models for the Primary School Girls to see and did a fantastic job of refereeing some tough fixtures.

The finals of the day saw Pye Bank School, who had won 9 consecutive games go up against Concord and Nether Green played against Hartley Brook. Progressing through to the final were Concord and Nether Green, and Concord were able to bring home the trophy beating Nether Green 2-0.

No matter whether you are a blue or a red in this city it is fantastic to see children playing football and we believe that we may have seen a few children who could take the Sheffield Clubs back to the big time!