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Sheffield Change 4 Life Champion's in your school!
Sheffield Change 4 Life Champion's in your school!

The Arches SSP this year hosted the Sheffield Change 4 Life Champions Training session at Forge Valley School and asked a number of schools to bring children to be trained as Change 4 Life Champions. The idea is that these children act as peer leaders within their school and take a lead on getting the Change 4 Life message to other children, staff, parents and the local community.

We were joined by an ex Olympic Athlete in Ben Pipes (Volleyball GB Captain) who inspired the pupils to get other individuals engaged in PE and school sport where possible and change their attitudes towards a healthy and an active lifestyle.

The pupils will go about delivering these messages in different way including running their own extra curricular provision, delivering assemblies, running events or festivals and creating noticeboards to name a few.

We are really looking forward to seeing how schools engage with the Change 4 Life Programme moving forward as Children's Health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly important as now 1 in 3 pupils will leave primary school as obese. We want to hear all about what you or your school are doing to stay active and healthy and would love to hear from you with some good examples and stories.