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Football Frenzy in the First Half Term
Football Frenzy in the First Half Term

As the football season kicked off for Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United in early august we have used this first half term to deliver a wide range of football activities across our schools. In addition to supporting the community foundations in their delivery and delivering football within a range of Primary School settings we have hosted a number of Football events and competitions.

Our programme for football has so far seen a Year 5/6 Boys 5 a side programme to supplement to SFSS Football Leagues that are taking place throughout the city. 30 School teams attended this event with Malin Bridge taking the trophy back to school for this year. We have also delivered a Y3/4 Girls Football event which saw 16 girls teams from a range of schools compete where Concord Junior Schools pipped Malin Bridge to the title in the final and took home the glory.

In addition to this we have developed a number of cluster events around the Firth Park, Hinde House and Ecclesfield cluster of schools for various age ranges including KS1 events, Girls and Boys football at SGP Thorncliffe and also at Concord Sports Centre.

We continue to link our competitions and events with local community sports clubs and have offered pupils the opportunity to play and carry on their football outside of the school environment.

We have also delivered a Secondary School 5 a side competition as part of the Sheffield School Games programme which saw Chaucer take the title of Sheffield Champions playing against 15 other teams. Sheffield has also been successful in securing status as a Girls Football Hub where training and support will be provided to schools throughout the year to support the development of girl’s football. More information on the programmes available will be provided to schools directly over the coming half term.