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Sheffield Move More Month is a hit with Schools
Sheffield Move More Month is a hit with Schools

This year the Sheffield Move More Month engaged a large number of schools across the city and asked them to pledge to get all pupils active as much as possible throughout the month. 

The Arches played a huge part in developing resources for the city which included playground plaques, an active homework task and also a pledge from teachers to try and make lessons as active as possible throughout the month and beyond.

The month saw schools take part in whole school playground routines and fitness sessions, as well as Broomhill Infant School even taking the plaques to Bridlington on their whole school trip and taking part in Move More challenges on the beach.

In addition to the schools challenge Move More Month has also seen hundreds of people tracking activity through the app, as well as the workplace challenge and a number of hopscotch challenges based around the city.

The month hopes to be even bigger and better next academic year and hopes to see all schools engage in the challenges set to them.