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Arches Girls Boxercise Project is a knock out!
Arches Girls Boxercise Project is a knock out!

The Arches School Sport Partnership were awarded funding from Sportivate to deliver a secondary school project, to develop alternative sports and physical activity throughout the summer term. Sportivate is a £56 million Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project that aims to give more young people the chance to discover a sport that they love. This is the second year running we have run this project and this year was even better than last!

The Arches Girls Boxercise project was a great success involving 5 of our cluster secondary schools, who received a free 10 week block of free boxercise coaching. The girls were given an introduction to boxercise, learnt new boxing techniques such as the stance and punches, and had loads of fun! As well as developing key social skills such as teamwork and communication, through various leadership and teambuilding tasks, in competitive and non-competitive environments.

As with all of our projects we aim to make them sustainable and link with local clubs and community sessions. To build on the enthusiasm gained from the project, all the girls that took part have been provided with local club and community session information close to their school and the surrounding areas. The aim is for the girls to be inspired to uptake boxercise or boxing on a regular basis, and to make sport and physical activity a lifestyle choice.

For more information about boxercise or boxing in your local area please get in contact.